My Assessment of my own learning progress    

 I feel like this class has been really useful to me. It has taught me how to do research all over again only because I thought I was done with that aspect of my learning already but clearly that wasn’t the case. I have learned to look at speeches in a different way and I think I have gotten over my fear of giving speeches a little bit. Speech as  also taught me that I am just having a conversation with my audience. And that I don’t have to worry about being afraid of what they think because  at the end of the day I already got over my fear. 


How relevant or valuable and how can you make use of things learned into your 
personal, academic or career endeavors?


This speech class is very relevant as far as my future career. I plan on being a lawyer and as a lawyer I will be talking in front of people all the time. I will be talking in front of my fellow co-workers, judges, jury, etc. Although I was only taken this class because it was only a requirement, I now realize I critical and important it is. Such lessons like “effectiveness of a speaker/speech” I have learned a lot from. It made me look at how every aspect of the speaker and the speech is important, such as the way I dress, the words I use, the way I relay my messages, visuals I use, my aura in general, and the way I respond to the feedback I’m getting back from the audience.

Factors that enabled or caused poor learning


Factors that enabled or cause pooring learning would be not coming to class, not participating, not doing homework or classwork, sleeping in class, not being prepared for class, not paying attention, not taking notes, and finally not being open-minded to learn.

Personal Factors that that contributed to my learning


When it comes to being a student I take that responsibility very serious. I do what I have to do to be success in not just this class but all my classes. When I comes to learning I am a visual learner so if im in a class that as no visual aids I find my mind being carried away by my thoughts. I try  overcoming that by taking notes, which not only keeps my attention but I am attaining the information as well. I like to think I’m a dedicated student because I make sure I attend all my classes and put more than a 100% in my work. I make all efforts to make sure I don’t miss an assignment. In all my classes especially this one I participate. 

Instructional Factors


My instructor’s style and manner fits perfectly with my learning style. Like I mentioned before I am a visual learner and my professor especially for this class as a lot of visual aid which is a plus in my book.