Part 1 – Achieved Learning Objectives (100 points)

At the close of our semester, you should have already gained knowledge and skills that embody the 7 learning objectives in our course syllabus. Discuss each of the course objectives that you have achieved, or areas embodied in the course objectives that have been strengthened in you; and, discuss the particular lessons, course materials, learning activities that enabled you to achieve the objective.


a.       To enable students to express understanding of the value of effective speech communication in their personal, academic and professional undertakings;

·         I believe that I this objective was met, especially when we did the impromptu speeches. We learned how to becoming comfortable in front of the people with a professional manner.


b.      To be able to apply the fundamental principles of effective speech communication;

·         We were giving a chart to fill out about “what makes an effective or good speaker.” In doing so we were then asked to apply these skills to our informative speech.


c.       To overcome and transform any fears, anxiety or nervousness in public speaking into a positive driving force towards achieving communication and leadership skills that are vital to one’s personal, academic and career goals;

·         We were taught to take those nervous feeling and turn it into good energy. The professor showed us how to conversant with the audience, including them in our speech and feed off of their energy to make our job easier and fun for us as speakers.


d.      To demonstrate fundamental skills in gathering information or supporting proofs or evidences, organizing and presentation of one’s ideas in clear, logical, creative, purposeful and effective manner before an audience;

·         We were shown a PowerPoint on how to develop our ideas and turn it into an outline form. We than were assigned to do an outline for both our informative and persuasive speech, than class we exchanged idea with our fellow classmates to gain clarity on if we were on the right path. This helped majorly on the organization of our presentation and PowerPoint.


e.      To identify different types of speeches for different occasions, contexts, purposes and scenarios;

·         We were taught the different types of speeches and the purpose of these speeches such as: persuasive, informative, acceptance, congratulations, and etc.


f.        To manifest skills in developing and delivering informative, persuasive and any other  types of speeches before an audience; and,

·         We developed these skills by doing 2 minute impromptu speeches to enhance our delivery skills and develop thinking on the stop skills.  


g.       To execute effective leadership, team working or collaborative skills that should always come along with the development of effective communication skills.

·         We were broken down into groups to discuss various topics on different issues in doing so this developed our leadership, collaborative, and communication skills. 

Part 2 (100 points)


1.      What factors on your part as a student have helped you in achieving the learning objectives and any other development from the course (such as your own efforts given to the course, work ethics, dedication, diligence, determination personal goals, drive and enthusiasm, unavoidable, unexpected  circumstances)? Please, explain.

·         As a student what has helped me in achieving the learning objectives and other development from the course is basically my attendance and participation in discussions in class. I am a hands-on learner. So I was actively engaged in the class which allowing me to learn more.

2.      What factors on the part of the instructor helped you in achieving the course objectives? (i.e., instructor’s teaching style, knowledge, professionalism, course materials; required tasks, communication style, attitude, etc.)

·         The part of the instructor that helped me the most as a student is the teaching style. I previously stated that I am a hands-on learner; therefore being that all of our assignments were hands-on really helped me get learn faster and improved my communications skills a great deal. Also the required tasks that were expected of us as students in addition helped me as well. Because we were held at a certain standard allowed me to try to exceed the professor’s expectations. 

3.      What inner transformations, ethical and personal values, traits and personality development have you gained through the course of your learning in this class?

·         Through the course I have changed mentally. I have realized that any opinion of mine is important enough to voice. The only stupid thing is not speaking at all. You learn two things in doing so communications skills and people skills. This course has also changed the way I look at public speaking, I use to be terrified to get in front of a group of people and just speak. However now the course as taught me that it’s like having a conversation. I may have not fully gotten over my fear but it’s getting easier with more practice.

4.      If you are to describe your overall experience in this course, how will you describe your experience? Why?

·         I would describe my overall experience as being eye-opening. Not only did I learn things from what the professor taught but I also learned things from my fellow classmates. As we did our speeches I took along with me a little of everything from everyone who presented, from the butterfly presentation to the H1N1 presentation. They all impacted my life academically.

5.      Comments/Suggestions

·         Lastly, I would like to say I really enjoyed the class and the experience I had. The only thing I would suggestion would be that the course had more impromptu speeches. I really enjoyed the one we had, where we had to tell a story off the top of our heads. It really helped me becoming more comfortable in front of people.